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This week I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague of mine. We were discussing the reason why a personís spirit or - as she put it - their soul sticks around after they have their physical death. My colleague was surprised when I explained that many people donít understand the difference between the Soul and the Spirit. 

I proceed to explain that the Spirit is what takes flight and helps a person to grow and expand. Hence the term in itself, ďLet your Spirit take flight.Ē I then explained that the Soul is the resting place the home of the Spirit. It is where the Spirit brings all that it learns and connects with the soul, hence the term, ďThe seat of the Soul.Ē

She then asked me, ďThen is that why there are spirits? And what about the lost souls that roam the earth?Ē I tried to explain to her that the two merely are in search of one another. It is when they connect and rejoin that they can move on from this life to the next. It's a bit like losing your keys and being locked out of your house. You want to get back in but you canít because you donít have the ability to do so without breaking a barrier. Once you do break that barrier you are able to re-enter and know that everything is going to be all right. 

Blessed Be!


ARIES (21 March - 19 April)
Your keeping what is important to you in sight and that is the harmony and love for your mate. You want to make atonement and are trying hard to correct some legal matters. Keep your sights set on your goal and everything else will follow. You still have hopes and dreams for the future and you will have success overcoming your worries about them.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Mercury. With it finally out of retrograde you will be able to yield greater results with your ideas. There is a rapid change coming your way so prepare yourself. Be sure to communicate with those that can help the matter along more smoothly.


TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)
You are remaining stubborn in trying to reach your goal. By keeping with your determination there will be new offerings heading your way. Just donít be a fool and walk away blindly. Stay focused and open to learning new ways. Donít keep doing battle yourself. Nor fight what is the correct thing to do. Stay determined and willing to take a chance. Donít let your own self doubt keep you from a new and bright beginning.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Spiral. That which spins out of control can also spin into control. You need to let go of old patterns so a new cycle can begin. Donít fight yourself nor become your own worst enemy. Step beyond and let yourself move forward.


GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)
There is much reflection going on this month for you, Gemini. One being about a loved one, the second is of your own matters and feelings on the issue. The worrier inside is trying real hard to keep one foot in the water and the other on land while trying to curb your own emotions. Feeling that you are defending ground that is somewhat useless and foolhardy, you are comforted by the love that supports you and surrounds you at this time. Pure determination will be your victor and you will rule over the wild events that are taking place in your life at the moment.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Primal Matter. You are able to take this journey of life on a decent of discovery. Use the resource that is around and be willing to go deep within to discover what you want. 


CANCER (21 June - 22 July)
From the barren lands you find that place of agreement and peace. Your determination is what gives you the grace as well as patience to seeing this endeavor through. You will finally gain the victory and jubilation that you had been looking for. Your regrets and remorse towards your own goals are put aside and you are able to move beyond to something better.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Peacock. There are many opportunities that are opening up so keep your eyes open. Now is the time to nourish your hopes and dreams. Stay focused while at the same time keeping watch for illusions. 


LEO (23 July - 22 August)
There are some issues that are left unclear regarding the home. Although you are surrounded by many who care you are left to seek guidance and council from one who can give you a better perspective. You will find that your negotiations regarding work have helped in laying to rest issues that were perplexing. Although you receive great jubilation from the dramatic change of events that take place. You are still looking for that door of opportunity. The Wheel of Fortune is one that is always in motion. Just know that you are in the driverís seat and have complete control over its direction.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone the Rubedo. It is the Red Phoenix that burroís up out of the embers. Love and pleasure surround you and reunions are most imminent. Be willing to make new plans as well as enjoy interacting with others.


VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)
This is a good month for the Virgo. All your worldly dreams are coming to light. Youíre taking time to count your blessings while staying determined to fuel them onward. For those who are looking for a position either in another setting or with in the company your prospects look good. There is the end of the old and the beginning of a new in for reading this month. You may find that you still carry those hope and fears, along with some wild imaginations. So you will have to work hard to keep everything close so you can gain the success you deserve.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Mars. You will need to direct your energy towards the positive and leave behind the negative to move forward and take the risks needed. You may have some unruly emotions so it is best to gain control of them so that you can act courageously and with vitality.


LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)
There is some battling of wills going on regarding learning new things or a situation for the future. You are looking to rededicate yourself to a higher source, but there is this love for another that keeps you from making that move. There is a scientific approach that you can take. Seek out the best solution and know that you can hold it together with the perfect chemically combined additives. Your connection with the Creator is strong and you find great comfort there. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Alembic. It is the stone of the vessel. The Philosophic Egg that carries what you have already set into motion. You are patiently waiting for the outcome to take place. Evaluate your situation so you will know when to act.


SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November) 
Your finding that you have victory in affirming the direction you want to take. Jupiter is lending its energy for you to have success at what you are trying to do. However, you will have to fight and be very direct in what it is you need to do. You will have some hurdles that you have to go over, but with your ability to obtain great insight you will be able to replant in desolate places. The door of opportunity is opening for you. Donít shy away from seeking the appropriate counseling.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Venus. She helps to surround you with creativity to indulge in your passions. Be willing to share your love as well as receive it in return.  


SAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)
You are jumping hurdles to gain much needed insight to a situation. Maybe itís your stubborn will that has brought on this conflict. If you donít resolve it there will be change in the making. You will find that there is a final end to the goals you wanted to achieve. Open yourself to the Creator so you can unleash hidden information. It is with the Creators grace and fluidity that will allow for a solution.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Sun. Let in the light that will inspire you and give you strength. You can achieve a happy outcome by inspiring others to lead the way.


CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)
You will need to stay focused as well as strong regarding some legal matters that may approach. It will take determination as well as the will to fight for what is right. Although there is an innocence regarding this issue, your health is the most important so donít forget to keep a watch on it. You will be able to move through the door of success as the outcome seems to have your cup overflowing. Emotions are also running high. Donít fight those who want to share their love with you. For it is with them that you will seek out comfort when you need it.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Saturn. This stone is helping you to discard destructive habits and helping you to recover from the chaos that came from the past. Everything take its natural course in life and remember that time heals all wounds.


AQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)
There are some dramatic changes coming your way and you must have patience to see it through. You must trust in the Creator and those around you. Think of this shift of change as an adventure. Stay strong and determined regarding acceptance of the unknown. There is improvement and help is on its way. There is success and victory in your corner as Jupiter is helping your situation along. You will have to make a choice between two counter points, but if you stay focused on the end result you will have won the battle and things will improve for the better.

Alchemy Stone:
The Stone of the Arrow and the Moon. With these two stones in your corner this month you will find that you not only reduced down to the bare essentials to concentrate your efforts, you remain receptive to change. Now is the time to listen to your dreams. Tap into your intuition to come up with some viable resources to help your situation.       


PISCES (20 February - 20 March)
There is a lot of hidden mystery that you donít want to uncover for the moment. Some has to do with your goals. There is enlightenment coming your way from one who is younger. You become the student and they the teacher. Learning demands that you curb need for immediate and pick up on patience. Your determination will get through your darkest of times while allowing letting go of your remorse.

Alchemy Stone:  
The stone of Air. Itís about communicating and keeping a mental clarity so that you can bring about transformation. Explore the vast horizons that lie ahead of you and enjoy the freedom it brings while doing so.

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