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Sometimes getting to know ourselves we learn about our emotions and how to confront them. Many of us deny our true emotions and let others lead us into a place that sometimes we cannot return. Let go of what no longer serves you so that you can move on and find happiness in a world that can be overwhelming. Turn off the news as it is a depressant and turn on music that makes you happy. And sometimes quiet is the best thing so that you find some peace. Sometimes to much chatter needs to be eliminated so that you can find that quiet that will allow your emotions to find that inner strength.

Blessed Be!


ARIES (21 March - 19 April)
This month you will need to focus on your health more. Donít be so nonchalant about it. Get to the doctor and have them check you out. You can also look forward to some ideas popping up in your own way as to what you will need to do for yourself. What was is now starting to wind down and come to an end. It might be that it is no longer serving you. With some self evaluation you will be receiving some enlightenment about what you will want to do until you can take a complete rest.

Alchemy Stone: The stone of Quintessence. It is the perfect mixture and balance of energies that will put things into perspective. Listen to what is going on around you and heed any information that is put into your hands.

TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)
You will need to look to making atonement in your own unique way, especially when you are looking to fine a true connection with the Universe. It is going to be hard work but if your are persistent you will find that your future and fortune will be well worth it. Your determination as well as your need to succeed will be the motivating factor in which all your worldly desires will come to light. Staying focused from distraction will be your only issue, if you let it, from standing your ground.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone of the New Moon. You are the initiate in a new environment. So seek out new adventures and follow your natural path to success. You have life experience so let it be your guide.


GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)
Find some time to reflect on the situation that has you worried. You may find that it is unwarranted as you have gained the upper hand in this matter. Connecting with the Universe will also help you and a love one to decide what step you should take next. Although you may feel as if your planted seeds in barren ground your ability to speak about how you are feeling will be and is being taken into account 

Alchemy Stone:  The stone of Spiral. We must often journey and descend before we can make our way to the top of a situation. Do not let old habits interfere with your life. Instead use them to move forward.


CANCER (21 June - 22 July)
You are trying to hold your ground and defend what you are new to having to do. Learn all that you can so you can make a better choice as to what you really need to do. Be patient and seek out legal assistance. You need to move fluidly and gracefully refraining from being the fool in such matter. You have a chance to have all that you wish if you are willing to lay down roots in uncharted territory.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone Philosophic Mercury. This means that you need to pay attention to your intuition so that you may receive the grace in blossoming into that beautiful white rose.


LEO (23 July - 22 August)
This month you find yourself surrounded with much love and passion. However prepare yourself regarding some unwanted information. You must be patient when it comes to any legal issues. Be sure to seek out the knowledge that you seek. There are a few unsolved issues with a loved one that which you will need to resolve and defend. By tending to this situation you will be able to resolve and gain the result that you want. Patience and listening to the other person will be in your best interest, especially when it comes to your emotions in this matter.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone of Mars. Now is the time to control your anger and any unruly emotions. Be sure to direct this fueling energy toward a more positive output. Donít be afraid of taking a risk especially when you know it is the right thing to do.


VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)
This month you find that you are laying to rest some individual preferences when it comes to that which you truly love. Remember you are surrounded by others who truly care about you and all that you want in your life. Donít stop yourself from seeking out other avenues. Your own worst enemy is yourself so donít battle against it. Find that which will aid you in your quest and start by removing that veil that you have been keeping over your head. Let what was just roll off your back and open yourself to the new energy that is making its way in.  

Alchemy Stone The stone of Venus. Be sure to surround yourself with beauty and the love of others. Donít be afraid of exploring other avenues while indulging in your true passions. Be sure to share your passion with others and open yourself to receive it in return.


LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)
A loved one has you feeling the fool yet the Creator has put a plan into motion for you. It is often said seek and you shall find. So seek out the knowledge that is needed so that your cup may runneth over. Look towards the adventure of the journey so that you can find a happy medium to all that is going on around you.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone the Moon. Let your intuition help guide you. Your unconscious realm holds the information you seek. Let your dreams be your guide and imagine all the possible things that can change because you have listened to that inner self release.  


SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November) 
A chance to move forward has you kind of perplexed as well as worried. Reflect on what you want in your life. Donít let your own will be your own down fall. The love of home and the Creator surround you so stay determined to make things happen in your own light.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone the Sun. All is good should you listen to your inner self. Your strength and energy can help inspire others so lead the way. You do have the ability to find fulfillment in what you are doing.


SAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)
Be very direct with your emotions right now, especially when it comes to the love of home and loved ones. Harmony can be found instead of doing constant battle. I know this has your emotions running and often in which you feel as if you just trying to stay neutral in the situation. Donít be afraid to point out the importance of letting go of past judgment that may interfere with a peaceful result.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone of the Furnace. Now may be the time to turn up the heat to get things done in a way that will transform what needs to be done. You can only do that by being willing to provide the needed element to make any changes in this situation.


CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)
Your determination to make it to the top is now a victory in which you can feel good. You have applied all the right elements to make it work now you will have to find that middle ground that please both sides. With that said you can look forward to gaining some movement in this matter. Look to the stars and the night sky for guidance and inspiration. You might be amazed in the fortune it offers. Listen to what the universe is telling you then seek out the harmony and comfort it is given.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone of Fire. You now have the chance to thrive among the midst of adversity. So let that energy flow and help transform the actions that you are willing to take.


AQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)
There is finally victory over some financial negotiations this month. This gives you the freedom to take care of what you have been wanting to take care of as well as reaffirming your ability in making things happen. Your determination in seeing things in a better light and a clearer view helps you when it comes to the agreement that is being made. You have success in making matters work. This has you able to break free from all the lunacy that has taken place previously. Your hard work is starting to pay off and the victory is yours to be had.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone Air. This stone is telling you that all that mental energy and clarity that you have put into motion is starting to transform the situation in your favor. You are able to sore and explore uncharted territory. You can now enjoy your freedom and the Universe in which to discover it in.


PISCES (20 February - 20 March)
Find peace as well as harmony in the agreement that you have made this month has you feeling kind of stuck in the middle of things. The success you have is in that which you have put behind you and laid to rest. Some new information has you worried as to what your next move will be. Donít fret to much as this is what is in store for your future and your prosperity. Just remember that not all prosperity is issued in currency value.

Alchemy Stone:  The stone the Peacock. With its many eyes colors of the rainbow, opportunity is brought forth. Be sure to nourish your hopes and dreams while staying focused on what it is you want. Remain alert to know illusion when you see it.

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