The Fairchilds
"Our Revolution"
Vertusent Records
By Sally A Schwartz

The Fairchilds' debut album, "Our Revolution" on indie label Vertusent, came across my desk just a few short weeks ago. The effort is the lovechild of French artist Cyril Niccolai. Niccolai, whose looks are a cross between C.C. DeVille and Sting, is not only a songwriter but also filled with talent. He displays his strengths as vocalist and on keyboards and acoustic guitar. The Fairchilds are rounded out by lead guitarist Oliver Marlyison, rhythm guitarist Erick Sitbon, bassist Hugo Cechosz and Philippe Entressangle on drums and percussion.

I would call "Our Revolution" modern renaissance for not only its adult contemporary grooves, but its genre of far-ranging appeal. My favorite song off the album is track three, "Unbreakable," which was re-mastered for track 13 on the effort. The tune comes at a time when many are questioning the unfolding events around them. From loss of work and loss of all that you have worked for to the loss of relationships, this song brings out the will of survival in all scenarios. The day that I received this CD and put it into my own player, I was undergoing my own inner search for strength and come to the realization that as long as I have the will to survive, I too am "Unbreakable" and there is hope. So, it would be a lie for me to say that this song didnít strike a chord deep down within me.

Another song I really liked off the album was "Body of Lies." For me, this song rang out about how the political and corporate leaders of the world have the ability to deceive and buy their way into our lives. Deceiving the general public and making us believe that what they offer is better, that they are working for us, but in the end they are only working to better suit themselves.

Overall, I think this is a great CD. I can tell that much went into its making and it brings out hope for a brighter future.  I have found that I have put it into my player more than once for a listen and enjoy its contents greatly. I hope you the reader will do the same. 

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