Animus ComplexAnimus Complex
"Animus Complex"

By: Sara Lambeth
Photos courtesy of: Animus Complex and Matt Turkington

To my musical brethren, I present to you  the melodically fused and djently modified,  Animus Complex.  Animus Complex began their  dynamic progression in the Arizona metal scene in 2011. They have released two albums, "Admission of Guilt" (EP - 2012), and "Animus Complex"  (2013).  Animus Complex re-recorded "Admission of Guilt" and wrote, recorded and produced four additional tracks featured on their self-titled effort.  Released  late 2013, "Animus Complex" is parallel to releases from Between The Buried And Me, Monuments and Periphery.  The only thing negative I can say about this album is that it comes to an end. "Animus Complex" is jampacked of fervent songs with indelible bass licks, wicked guitar solos, invigorating drumming and emotional vocal extremities.

The album starts your phantasmagoric trek into the world of Animus Complex with "Admission of Guilt." This fist-raising shoegazing song pulsates through you warming your ears  for onslaught that follows.  The second track,  "Right to Remain," and third track, "Survive," capture a baroque-esque element that is intertwined with powerful layered tones, distorted fuzz and groovy rhythmic patterns. The album flows together brilliantly allowing the listener to relax into its imagery.

Animus ComplexFor me, Animus Complex, peaks with track 5, "The Forest." The song  is packed full of dynamical pattern changes and hypnotic melody, which remain prevalent throughout the album.  A definite contender for best song off the record  is track 6, "The Way Things Should Have Been."  This prog-riddled track conflates the dualities of beauty and brutality. It starts with a unique guitar and drum duet and about a minute in the songs will remind you of early Opeth.

Animus Complex brings the listeners quest into the transcendental track "I.D." that leads to their finale in the otherworldly "Astral Projection."  "Astral Projection" is the most intense song on the album, and probably my favorite lyrically. By the way, the lyrics the songs are available online and it's worth your time to check them out.

Start to finish this album is brilliant, from the production and technicality to the musical composition and vocal range. "Animus Complex" is a must have album in your collection.

To find out more and listen to the album, click the links below.

1. Admission of Guilt
2. Right to Remain
3. Survive
4. From The Bottom Of Your Soul
5. The Forest
6. The Way Things Should Have Been
7.  I.D.
8. Astral Projection

Matt Turkington - Vocals
Jeremy Davis - Guitar
Michael Ohlson - Drums
Stephen Poff - Bass


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