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Thund-Her-Struck strikes the Blue Cafe
By Robert "The G-Man" Shields
On Oct. 8, my girlfriend and I went to the Blue Cafe in Long Beach to see the all-girl AC/DC tribute band Thund-Her-Struck. I had seen the group before at 14 Below in Santa Monica about a year ago and they totally rocked the house. The only difference between the two shows was that there were more people at Blue Cafe and, like the 14 Below gig, the crowd loved 'em. The only negative at this show was that the bench seat we were sitting on kept getting knocked over by the crowd, which was going crazy-- it seemed like everybody in the place was playing air-guitar.
The five gals in this band brought so much energy to their show, I almost got whiplash. The lead singer belted out some of AC/DC's best songs with her own special voice and style, which was truly awesome. The lead, rhythm and bass guitarists were flawless and the drummer simply whaled.
When speaking of Thund-Her-Struck, the words energy and fun come to mind. If you're a true fan of AC/DC, I guarantee you'll love Thund-Her-Struck. Check 'em out.

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