I admit to getting a kick out of the latest incarnation of "The Peopleís Court" with Judge Marilyn Milian. Might even call it a guilty pleasure. I canít say as I followed the original manifestation with Judge Wapner, because as I recall, I had a full time job (and then some) at the time. Iím retired now, which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend, and the younger you can feasibly do it, the more of your life you can enjoy. (That is to say, as long as you have the financial wherewithal to do that.)

When youíre retired, you can smugly tell people, "EVERY dayís a Sunday of a three-day weekend for me. Which means that I didnít have to work yesterday, I have the day off today, and I donít have to work tomorrow." (Which, by the way, always goes over really well with people.) But itís really not true, because thereís work and then thereís work, because we are, after all, industrious creatures. But I digress.

I started watching "The Peopleís Court" when the show was resurrected, originally with the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, followed by Judge Judyís husband, Jerry Sheindlin and now Marilyn Milian. Of the three, Judge Milian is probably the most engaging.

It seems that there are a bunch of court shows on TV at the moment, and Iím guessing that itís because theyíre fairly inexpensive to produce. Thereís Judges Mathis, Hackett, Joe Brown, and Judy, then thereís "Texas Justice" and "Divorce Court." And those are just the ones on free television, I imagine thereís a few on subscription TV, too. I came to the conclusion awhile back that one is plenty for me to follow, and since "Peopleís Court" is on at a fairly convenient time for me to watch, it became my compulsory "One Court Show."

I used to watch "Judge Judy" until her time slot and channel got changed, but then after watching Judge Milian, I came to realize that Judy has one mood, and itís always predictably crabby. Judge Judy runs the gamut of emotions from A to B (to quote Dorothy Parker, originally referring to Katherine Hepburn in her early career). Which is what I like about Judge Milian. She can be amused, curious, fascinated, insulted, sarcastic, indignant, angry, and compassionate, all in the same hour show sometimes.

Another reason I like "Peopleís Court" is that you really donít have to catch the entire show, since there are an average of about three cases per episode, and you can jump in at practically any time. I also like the fact that you do learn a little bit about the law, but also itís one of those programs that doesnít require your undivided attention, because you really only need to listen to it and can therefore multi-task and load the dishwasher or something while taking in the program. Like I said, thereís work and then thereís work.

But what I really enjoy about Judge Milian is that she has a pretty cute sense of humor and for the most part keeps everything on a light note. I like the one line that she uses occasionally when she has caught a litigant in a lie, or for some other reason does not believe them. Sheíll say, "I wouldnít believe you now if your TONGUE came notarized."

She also quotes her Cuban grandmother from time to time, and sheíll repeat these wise pearls of wisdom quickly in Spanish first before translating into English. "The cheap comes out very expensive" is one translated quote I recall. Another one I remember went something like, "Where youíre headed Iíve already been, sat down, had a Coke and come back."

Iíd write more this month, but for now Iím a little pressed for time because for me every dayís a Tuesday. Which means that I had to work yesterday, Iím working today, I have to work tomorrow, and in fact still have the whole FREAKING work week ahead of me and beyond. I know, I know I just said I was retired and that every dayís a Sunday of a three-day weekend. But you see, we have a vacancy in our rental, and thereís a couple of decades of inhabitancy to try and erase somewhat. Not so smug now, am I?

On top of that, my plum tree is just now done raining plums down on me, and Iíll have to deal with the gallons upon gallons of frozen plum pulp destined to ultimately become plum wine. Iím also hand raising four baby African Grey parrots until theyíre old enough to find homes for.

In addition, while theyíre out of town for nearly a month, Iím taking care of my neighborsí menagerie, the likes of which makes mine pale in comparison. I could tell you about the cock fight I had to break up the other day, and how it looked like the smaller one was whuppiní some serious ass on the much larger one, but sadly that tale is for another time. (Technique, baby, itís all about technique.)

The moral of the story is that my plate is pretty full right now, and TV watching is pretty low on my list of priorities. After we get our new tenants all tucked in and put to bed, then we can go back to the every day being a Sunday thing and watching television to our heartís desire. But for the present and for probably the next couple of months or so, EVERY dayís a Tuesday. What a drag.


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