PMI Audio Group - Studio Project Microphones
By Dave Schwartz

Studio Projects C1 MicrophoneI stopped by the PMI Audio group to check out the Studio Project series of microphones.  In 2001, PMI Audio introduced the Studio Projects C1. The microphone was designed in their offices in Torrance, California and manufactured in China. As most people know, there was a huge taboo regarding using Chinese-manufactured mics at the professional level. In short, the quality just wasnít there. Thatís because most manufacturers selling Chinese mics would take a short-cut. They would simply purchase Chinese designed microphones and resell them under their own name. PMI Audioís approach of designing the mic and then holding the Chinese manufacturers to their exacting specifications yielded a microphone of phenomenal quality.

When the C1 microphone was first introduced, PMI Audio displayed it next to a Neumann U87. Both mics were run through an SK28 headphone preamp and people were allowed to compare the sound. The most asked question was how PMI got the C1 to sound better than the U87. PMI Audio prides itself in true natural audio recreation. Their design approach is to capture sound in itís most accurate form and then allow the audio engineer to mold it.

Studio Projects C1 Retail $249.95

Studio Projects CS5 MicrophoneUp next is the CS5.  The CS5 is a relatively new addition to the product line. As far as mic characteristics, it comes in on the higher end of the product line. The CS5 features five selectable polar patterns, four selectable pads, four high pass filters, and four low pass filters resulting in a very clean and warm sound. The CS5 is great for vocals, wind and string instruments as well as amplifiers. It comes with a halo shock mount, foam screen and a case.

Studio Projects CS5 Retail: $349.95

The final microphone we discussed was the B1.  When it comes to recording guitars or other high sound pressure instruments, The Studio Projects B1 is the go-to mic for many home recording enthusiasts. The B1 is a large diaphragm cardioid mic that offers flexibility at a entry level price point. Engineers will find that this microphone can easily record guitars one take and vocals the next.

Studio Projects B1 Retail: $119.95

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