Municipal WasteBy Sara Lambeth 

If I had to pick one band to survive the zombie apocalypse, I’d have to choose Municipal Waste.  With their crust punk survival skills, metal brutality and love for the gore, they would not only survive, they would turn it into a party.

After all Municipal Waste’s new album, "The Fatal Feast," is among the highest anticipated concept albums of zombies in space. This is MW’s fifth album, and its first under Nuclear Blast. Setting a higher standard for thrash, "The Fatal Feast" is MW's longest album, with nearly 38 minuets of chaos and fun. 

Municipal wastes no time in hitting you with the space theme on the first track, "Waste in Space," which features Zombi’s Steve Moore.

From the first track to the last, there is no slowing down, so grab a beer, MW is here to stay. Thrashing through the U.S., MW alongside metal giants Napalm Death, paved a path of glory, guts, zombies and the final frontier on tour.

They battled the East Coast's Hurricane Sandy and made the journey across the country, eventually stopping in Tempe, Arizona where I got to meet up with vocalist Tony Foresta. 

DB: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. It’s really cool getting to meet you.

TF: Yeah, no worries

DB: How has the tour been so far?

TF: Great, yeah it’s really cool. We’re officially half way through the seven-week tour.  It’s been going by really fast.

DB: How was the weather for the first half?

TF: Insane. Played through the hurricane.

DB: What is the replacement for Pablo’s name?

TF: This is just random ass bus. We’re never going to replace Pablo.

DB: How was the sold out show in New York?

TF: That was awesome. I’m trying to think back, because there have been so many amazing shows. It was kind of the kickstart of the tour. Sold out the Gramercy, that was pretty fantastic.  Vektor was on that show. I don’t know if you’ve heard that band.

DB: They are from here (Arizona) they are nerd metal.

TF: Yeah, they’re nerdy dudes in the best way possible.

DB: How has the response been to the new album?

TF: Good. We will play some songs tonight. We’re not even playing video songs, we’re just playing random shit that people know all the words. We had our friend Scotty with us, he knows our band right and left, he use to sell shirts for us, and he’s like, "Dude I noticed some cool things-- there’s people that come to hear songs off the new album." He would see kids singing every word to just the new songs, which is cool. That’s a good thing for a band. If people are still interested in the shit you’re putting out.

Municipal WasteDB: Can you tell us a little about the cassette release?

TF: Yeah, we’ve done cassettes before, it’s not like a new thing, the first album we did we put out on cassette.

DB: Was there any material left over from this album?  

TF: Yeah

DB: Do you plan on releasing it?

TF: Nah, its scrapped.

DB: Did you enjoy taking the time off (1-1/2 year) to write the album?

TF: Hell yeah. All of us did our own bands and hung out in Richmond. It was fun

DB: Do you have a zombie escape plan?

TF: My zombie escape… plan I’d probably have a gun.

DB: If you could save one member of your band from the zombie apocalypse who would it be?

TF: That’s fucked up… Ryan (who was on the bus)

DB: Is there anything you’d like to add?

TF: Thank you for supporting us.   

Hours before the doors opened, fans were already in line to see the Waste tear it up. It was a house full of Gorgoroth  and At The Gates shirts met by D.R.I. and The Casualties attire. Among the crowd was Job For A Cowboy vocalist Johnny Davy.

Municipal Waste put on one hell of a show. They are by far thrash’s most fun and monumental  band.

I highly recommend "The Fatal Feast" to all punk and metal brethrens, and how can you say no to a thrash cassette anyhow?

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