Suhr GuitarsNAMM 2014   Suhr Factory Party
By Jules E. Beuck

Photos by Jules E. Beuck 

Not all things associated with NAMM happen in Anaheim. Out in the Inland Empire of Southern California in the town of Lake Elsinore is the factory for Suhr guitars.

Suhr makes high-end custom guitars, amplifiers and effects.  All are made to fine detail and often to buyer’s specifications.

On January 22nd and 23rd Suhr opened their factory for a tour and accompanying concert. Of course they also talked about new equipment that they are producing such as the Rufus Fuzz and the Koko Boost reloaded effects boxes.

The tour of the factory showed how guitars are put together, from the wood that is picked to the pickups that are hand wired. Each instrument is rigorously tested before it is allowed to leave the factory and, if found wanting, is sent back for more work to make sure it meets their standards. Each instrument is photographed before sending it out. We were told that the effects boxes are built like tanks.

The concert featured performers that use Suhr equipment. This included the Journey tribute band Lights and the band Friday Nights, which includes two Suhr employees.

James Ivanyi came all the way from Australia to show off his talent with an instrumental set that had many in awe. Pete Thorn performed with his band and then brought up Ian Thornley to perform some of his music with Pete’s band. Both Thorn and Thornley are from Canada, so Suhr was showing off its international reach. Andy Wood demonstrated his Suhr signature guitar, as did virtuoso Scott Henderson. Most of the performers would bring these large boards to the stage filled with Suhr effects boxes. Some of the effects used on bass guitars were quite interesting.

 We got to try out one of the Suhr basses and were impressed with the action and feel of the instrument. As of yet they are not making bass amplifiers but we were assured that they are definitely on the drawing board.

Between the factory tour, concerts and red velvet cake pops Suhr definitely knows how to throw a party.

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