Xandria - Theater of Dimensions
By Dave Schwartz

This has been a significant year for Xandria.  In January they released their seventh studio album, “Theater of Dimensions,” and now this German symphonic metal band has just finished up their first headlining tour of North America with Kobra and the Lotus and Once Human as support. 

“Theater of Dimensions” has done well for Xandria, charting in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.  It’s an interesting record and the first where vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen was fully immersed in the writing process.  The songs are a natural progression from Xandria’s last record, “Sacrificium,” and the writing has matured. 

  I caught up with Dianne van Giersbergen on the last night of the North American tour.  Watch!

1. "Where the Heart is Home" 6:53
2. "Death to the Holy" 4:46
3. "Forsaken Love" 4:20
4. "Call of Destiny" 4:10
5. "We Are Murderers (We All)" 5:49
6. "Dark Night of the Soul" 5:21
7. "When the Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)" 5:11
8. "Ship of Doom" 4:50
9. "Ceilí" 3:21
10. "Song for Sorrow and Woe" 5:24
11. "Burn Me" 4:42
12. "Queen of Hearts Reborn" 5:16
13. "A Theater of Dimensions" 14:22

Released  27 January 2017
Napalm Records
Xandria - Theater of Dimensions 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Dianne van Giersbergen – lead vocals
Marco Heubaum – guitar, keyboards
Philip Restemeier – guitar
Steven Wussow – bass
Gerit Lamm – drums

Filmed On Location:
Club Red,   Mesa, AZ

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