Suffocation – “…Of The Dark Light”
By Dave Schwartz

Suffocation has been kicking ass on stages around the world for more than a couple of years now.  These death metal pioneers have built a name and well-deserved reputation as one of the most brutal bands in the genre.  “...Of the Dark Light” is their eighth studio album, released on June 9, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.  With it comes some change, as this is the first album to feature guitarist Charlie Errigo and drummer Eric Morotti.  And since vocalist Frank Mullen announced his retirement from full-time touring, this is our first glimpse of touring vocalist Kevin Muller. 

I caught up with Derek Boyer and Kevin Muller on the tour bus to discuss the tour and Suffocation’s new record, “…Of The Dark Light”.  Watch!

1. "Clarity Through Deprivation" 4:04
2. "The Warmth Within the Dark" 3:39
3. "Your Last Breaths" 4:24
4. "Return to the Abyss" 3:56
5. "The Violation" 3:41
6. "Of the Dark Light" 3:41
7. "Some Things Should Be Left Alone" 3:23
8. "Caught Between Two Worlds" 4:19
9. "Epitaph of the Credulous" 3:58

Released  9 June 2017
Nuclear Blast Records
Suffocation - "...Of The Dark Night"

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Frank Mullen – vocals (1988–1998, 2002–present
Kevin Muller – touring vocals (2017–present)
Terrance Hobbs – lead guitar (1988–1998, 2002–present)
Derek Boyer – bass (2004–present)
Charlie Errigo – rhythm guitar (2016–present)
Eric Morotti – drums (2016–present)

Filmed On Location:
The Marquee Theater,   Tempe, AZ

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