Sydney Dolezal of Doll SkinDoll Skin - Manic Pixie Dream Girl
by Dave Schwartz

Doll Skin has just released their second album, "Manic Pixie Dream Girl," and is riding a wave of successes.  In June their sophomore release debuted on the Billboard Heat-seeker chart at #6 and moved up one spot to #5 in week two.  About a dozen shows on 2017 Warped Tour has also helped raised their national attention.  And they followed those dates quickly by heading out on the road with Next To None, Deviate the Plan, and Reason Define for a series of shows that extend through August. 

Warped Tour is a big deal.  Many bands struggle to get onto the tour and it seems like a million bands play, but 5 million bands want to play.  Sydney Dolezal, Alex Snowden, Nicole Rich, Meghan Herring recently played a homecoming show at the Phoenix stop of The Warped Tour.  I sat down with Doll Skin after their Warped Tour Phoenix homecoming to talk about the new record and life on the road.  Listen to the audio interview…

1. "Shut Up (You Miss Me)" 2:45
2. "Daughter" 2:56
3. "Road Killa" 2:58
4. "Boy Band" 3:23
5. "Rubi" 3:52
6. "Sunflower" 2:46
7. "Sweat Pea" 4:18
8. "Baby's Breath" 3:42
9. "Persephone" 3:29
10. "Puncha Nazi" 1:53
11. "Uninvited" 4:14

Released  16 June 2017
EMP Label Group
Manic Pixie Dream Girl 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Doll Skin:
Sydney Dolezal - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2013-Present)
Alex Snowden - lead guitar, backing vocals (2013-Present)
Nicole Rich - bass, backing vocals (2013-Present)
Meghan Herring - drums, backing vocals (2013-Present)

Recorded On Location:
Warped Tour 2017,   Phoenix, AZ

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