Thy Art Is Murder – 'Dear Desolation'
By Dave Schwartz

Australian deathcore band, Thy Art Is Murder, released their fourth studio album “Dear Desolation” on August 18, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records.  The record has quickly become their most successful release to date.  “Dear Desolation” is a slow evolution in styles and expands from deathcore toward deathmetal.  It has a stronger atmospheric vibe to it which guitarist Andy Marsh attributes to less guitar layering. 

Thy Art Is Murder recorded “Dear Desolation” in New Jersey at producer Will Putney’s studio and took the unusual approach of rotating band members in to record their pieces.  As a result, there was never than a couple band members in the studio at any given time.  Nonetheless the album sounds complete and cohesive. 

I recently sat down with guitarist Andy Marsh to talk about “Dear Desolation”.  Check out the video!

1. "Slaves Beyond Death" 3:44
2. "The Son Of Misery" 4:18
3. "Puppet Master" 3:15
4. "Dear Desolation" 3:21
5. "Death Dealer" 4:08
6. "Man Is The Enemy" 3:28
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7. "The Skin Of The Serpent" 3:58
8. "Fire In The Sky" 4:10
9. "Into Chaos We Climb" 4:05
10. "The Final Curtain" 3:49

Released:  August 18th, 2017
Nuclear Blast
Thy Art Is Murder – 'Dear Desolation' 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Thy Art Is Murder:

Sean Delander – guitar (2006–2010, 2014–present), bass guitar (2010–2014)

Lee Stanton – drums (2006–present)

Chris "CJ" McMahon – vocals (2009–2015, 2017–present)

Andy Marsh – guitar (2010–present)

Kevin Butler – bass guitar (2015–present)

Filmed On Location:
The Marquee Theater,   Tempe, AZ

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