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OC punkers Unit F release new album

By Naughty Mickie

Orange County outfit Unit F, vocalist Mel Schantz, guitarists David Costa and Mark Bolton, bassist Guillermo Santa Cruz and drummer Ryan Hadley, recently celebrated the release of its new album, “Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction,” at “It’s Not Dead 2,” a punk music, art and literature festival in San Bernardino in August.

“It’s looking at humanity in terms of where we came from, what we’re doing to ourselves, to the planet, to all the living things, everything like that and it extends from the way that our attitudes are socialized and culturalized to the constructs of government and commerce and materialism to the belief systems that brought all this into North America,” Schantz said of the themes explored in the effort.

The festival's title, “It’s Not Dead,” comments on the opinion that punk has met it’s demise because it doesn’t have the widespread commercial success seen in some other genres of music, but there are more punk bands than ever before, Schantz said.

“Glen Helen Amphitheater, who back in the day would have thought that they would be doing a festival with 50 bands?” Schantz said. “There was a time when TSOL had to get in a van and they would go to some place like Phoenix and people didn’t know who they were much less what was about to happen.”

The future of punk is what musicians and others in the scene make it, Schantz said.

“As long as there are truths to be told, whether they are uncomfortable, unsightly or what have you, whenever there’s observations to be made, we’ll be making them. I think as long as that is the case and our music reflects our perspectives on who we are as people, who we are as a society, punk rock will continue to expand. It will expand and contract, expand and contract, but it will always be there. It has always been there and it still is here,” Schantz said.

Unit F plays consistently in the Southern California scene. To learn more about them, hear cuts from their albums and to catch them live, go to https://unitfmusic.com/about-us and https://www.facebook.com/UnitFband/

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