REWS – Two Women on the Big Stage
By Keith Durflinger

Rews are the London/Belfast based alternative rock duo consisting of guitarist Shauna Tohill and drummer Collette Williams. Their sound is a combination of high-energy filled with angst.  REWS formed organically.  Tohill and Williams moved to London from different parts of the world.  Tohill was the sister of a friend that Williams went to the university with.  A connection was made followed by a jam session and the musical chemistry was obvious. 

The pair have performed at a string of high profile festivals and international showcases and their debut album “Pyro” is out now.  For 2019 they are targeting North America.  Keith Durflinger caught up with REWS at NAMM.  Check out the video…

No. Title Length
1. "Let It Roll" 3:05
2. "Rip Up My Heart" 2:58
3. "Violins" 3:04
4. "Shine" 3:29
5. "Death Yawn" 2:54
6. "Miss You in the Dark" 3:30
7. "Your Tears" 3:01
8. "We Explode" 3:21
9. "Shake Shake" 3:34
10. "Running Against the Wall" 3:02

Released:  November
 10, 2017
Marshall Records (UK)


DaBelly Host:

Keith Durflinger

Shauna Tohill  - guitars
Collette Williams - drums

Filmed On Location:
The Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA

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