SAUL – Talking About Their Brother
By Dave Schwartz

SAULSaul is a young band hailing from the Sioux City.  The progressive metal act has worked to become one of the most established bands in the area.  Saul consists of William McIlravy (bass and backup vocals), Joe Nichols (drums), Blake Bedsaul (lead vocals), and Zach Bedsaul (guitar and backup vocals). 

Set to release their debut studio effort, “AEONS,” in the spring 2019, Saul has been playing a flurry of shows around the Sioux City area.  Their first single "Brother" was the #1 most spun song on SiriusXM Octane two weeks in a row and they are now in the Billboard Top 40 at #34.  

ZB:  Hey Dave, this is Zach Bedsaul from Saul.

DB:  Thanks for calling in Zach.  Hope we caught you at a good time.

ZB:  We are setting up and getting ready to rock and roll here in Sioux City, Iowa tonight for our CD release and we’re doing a VIP Meet and Greet in about a half hour.

DB:  Then let’s get this interview going.  First of all, congratulations.  You’ve got a new record coming out and we would like to hear all about it.

ZB:  This record is called “AEONS.”  It’s an EP, 5 songs.  We put our heart and soul into this one, everything we had.  We’re happy with the production and we’ve received some really good feedback so it’s going phenomenal for us. 

DB:  Why did you choose to approach this release as an EP rather than a full-length record?

ZB:  Honestly, the way that the industry is laid out for independent bands like us, financially it’s not really sound to invest that much money into things, things that are kind of like a fast-food industry where people would rather see more frequent releases rather than wait several years in between. 

DB:  Yeah, there certainly has been a funny evolution in the industry in regards to EP vs LP and so on.  Not just for independent bands but for everyone.  Most bands are taking a good long look at doing an EP rather than full-length.

ZB:  Yeah, absolutely.  It made sense for us and we’re happy with it.  Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to expand it into an album.  That would be phenomenal for us. 

DB:  I’m wondering how long it is before everyone is just releasing singles. (Laughs)

ZB:  Yeah, it’s pretty crazy because even some of the big boys are just coming out and doing EPs. 

DB:  Yes, exactly. Well, you’ve had some obvious success with this record already.  SiriusXM’s Octane channel has you in rotation.  We’re you surprised when you were picked up on Octane?

ZB:  With that stuff, no, because that’s been on our bucket list.  Blake and I have been doing this together for a while.  Obviously, we’re brothers.  It was pretty crazy because SiriusXM Octane has been on our bucket list for a while.

DB:  So how did the moment playout when you first heard yourself on the radio?

ZB:  I was at home doing something and I was streaming SiriusXM Octane.  I think it was Jose Mangin who introduced the song and I was just blown away because he had such kind words to say.  They have supported us very well during this whole process and we love our Equals (the Saul fanbase) and everything that’s been going on. 

SAUL - BROTHERDB:  So I want to hear a little about the single that’s causing all this commotion, “Brother.”

ZB:  The song itself is very personal for Blake and myself.  Back in 2009 we lost our eldest brother, Kalib, to the H1N1 virus called Swine Flu.  At that time, the flu wasn’t a big deal.  People were getting it but he was the first person in the state of Iowa to pass away from it.  So, then it became a big national crisis type thing.  It was pretty eye opening.  The thing that was the worst for us, I mean beyond losing our brother, was that he was our biggest fan and was acting as our manager at that time.  It hit us in a lot of different ways.  It’s just cool to see that we could come back years later and write a song about the memory of him and then have people come out and say, “I lost a family member and it really hit me.”  The reactions from so many people and then for them or open up and tell us their story is a really good feeling. 

DB:  I can tell that the tribute is heartfelt and there’s just so much value to it on a personal level.  To have the opportunity to express thanks to your brother, even if it is years later, is important.

ZB:  Yeah, absolutely.  It’s a great feeling.  We pretty much daily have people come up to us and tell us their story.  I think that’s the best part.  We want to hear their stories about how this song is impacting their lives.  I think that’s the best part about music in general for anyone. 

DB:  You did a video for “Brother” also.  Talk a little about how that came together.

ZB:  It was pretty crazy.  So a little backstory, Chris Dawson (Seasons After), he’s our manager.  He’s from the group Seasons After – if you now them or anyone knows them, they are phenomenal guys.  So he stepped in as acting manager.  He actually recorded the song, mixed it and helped produce it.  He also stepped in and helped us do the music video as well.  We had an elaborate plan of shooting here in Iowa.  He came up and we were going to do a green screen video.  We had it all mapped out and stuff and it just wasn’t working out.  We had to go to Plan-B in literally hours.  Last minute we ended up finding this basement in an abandon building.  So, we just sort of knocked it out in a couple of hours.  And I think it turned out really great for last minute and we absolutely love it. 

DB:  That location is pretty surreal.  It’s an amazing spot to film a video and I think it suits the song.  It’s really cool. 

ZB:  We were very thrilled.  Chris Dawson is just so talented and everything he touches just turns to gold.  He went home and busted it out and got it edited. 

DB:  You’ve been doing some supporting act work and for a lot of bands.  (Hell Yeah, Bush, Fuel, Saliva, Saving Abel…)  I know that you’re heading out on the road in support of this record.  Talk a little bit about touring.

 ZB:  Yeah, so right now our EP just dropped March 1st so we’re doing some weekend shows hitting markets that we really haven’t been in.  Saul hasn’t really played for quite a while.  We have a new lineup and the new record.  But we are going to be going out on the road our friends MESSER from Dallas, Texas the end of April and beginning of May.  We’ll be hitting the Midwest and then heading down to Florida.  Then in June we’ll be heading out with our friends in Bobaflex.  That will be pretty much all east coast shows.  So we’re really pumped to get out, meet fans and Equals and see people we haven’t seen in a long time. 

I want to thank Zach Bedsaul for sharing a moment with DaBelly.  If you haven’t heard of Saul, you need to.  Check out the video for “Brother” and pickup the new EP, “AEONS.” 

No. Title Length
1. "The Toll" 3:56
2. "Brother" 4:19
3. "Bolide" 3:57
4. "I Am Him" 3:11
5. "Aeons" 6:07

Released: 1 March 2019
Saul Music
Saul - Aeons 

William McIlravy (bass and backup vocals)
Joe Nichols (drums)

Blake Bedsaul (lead vocals)
Zach Bedsaul (guitar and backup vocals). 


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