Another Day DawnsAnother Day Dawns – Looking At A Different Life
by Dave Schwartz

Hailing from Lehighton, PA – hard alternative rock band Another Day Dawns is making the music industry work for them.  After securing opening slots for Fuel, Avatar, Sammy Hagar, Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd, Bad Flower, Trapt, Breaking Ben, 5 Finger Deathpunch, Daughtry, and BuckCherry, Another Day Dawns is taking the next step.  They just dropped a new EP – “A Different Life” – and released a single with a hot video and soon will be stepping out on their first national tour. 

Nick McGeehan (drums), Tyler Ritter (guitar), Livi Dillon (bass) and Dakota Sean (vocals) are making the most of every opportunity and so did I.  Dakota Sean called into DaBelly to talk about the new record, new video and upcoming tour. 

DB:  Well Dakota, let me start out by congratulating you on your latest single, “Psycho.”  It’s an exciting video and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun doing it.  Please tell me about the song and the video.

DS:  The song “Psycho,” it’s just a really cool song to sing along with, to play.  There’s not too much of a meaning behind it other than the typical fight in a relationship.  It kind of goes back and fourth trying to see who could do the most damage to the other person.  So, it just goes back and forth.  The video was really cool.  We got flown out to L.A. for the shoot.  We became friends with a really cool guy, Brian Cox (Flarelight Films).  He’s worked with Shinedown, Hollywood Undead, Gemini Syndrome and a bunch more.  It was just a cool experience.  It was our first really professional music video so we just kind of stood back and took direction.  It turns out that we love it.  It came out really good. 

DB:  I agree.  There’s a lot happening in the video, it’s got a hot look and I think really presents the band well.  Being unsigned, how did you come into doing the video? 

 DS:  We signed with our new manager, John.  He was the manager for Breaking Benjamin, Snoop Dog and some others.  So, he helped us out along the way.  He gave us the contact and that’s how we got in touch with Brian. 

DB:  That’s very cool.  I know that you commented that you just sort of stood back and followed direction but did you have any input?  Did you offer a basic idea of what you wanted in the video or were you handed a treatment, an idea from their side? 

DS:  Given that this was our first video we kind of just let them take the reins.  If we saw something that we didn’t like we said something.  But I’m going to be honest, there were very few times where we made suggestions. 

DB:  “Psycho” is from the EP you just released, “A Different Life.”  Talk a little about the new record. 

DS:  We just released an EP a couple of weeks ago.  It has six songs on it including an intro and outro.  A lot of people are really loving it.  We’re getting reviews on it almost daily right now.  Some people are liking some of the other songs on it because there a bunch of sides to us.  For anyone who haven’t listened to it yet I highly suggest that you go out and listen to it on Spotify or iTunes. 

DB:  Let’s talk a little bit about the writing process.  How do your songs come together?

Another Day DawnsDS:  Well, what works best is either Tyler our guitarist or myself come up with a catchy hook or a catchy hook and melody of any kind really.  And then the two of us exchange the hook.  We work on getting our parts locked in and then we hand the song over to Nick and Livi.  After that we start getting picky and really dialing in on the song.  That’s how it’s been working for the past couple of years so we’ve been sticking with that. 

DB:  Every band has their own formula for songwriting and it’s always interesting to hear how it comes together.  You’re a young band and you’ve got so many cool things happening for you right now.  The question I want to ask is about being signed to a record label or getting signed.  Given the many opportunities, does getting signed really matter that much anymore?  Or are there approaches a young band can take that doesn’t necessarily go through a record company?

DS:  We’re working with our manager and the end game is to be signed with someone very recognizable.  I mean, we’ve had some offers made to use and we were like, OK we can talk.  But so far, we haven’t found anything that we’ve all jumped on and said, yes, we’re going with that.  For now, we’re going to be as independent as we can, get enough shit under our belt and once we feel like we’ve got all our ducks lined up we’ll start talking to record labels. 

DB:  I have to say that I admire the approach that the band is taking.  I’ve read comments from you in other interviews regarding waiting and doing things the right way rather than just jumping into the game.  I think that’s a lesson for a lot of bands today.

DB:  So, are you hitting the road and touring in support of the release?  I know that you’ve been doing a lot of opening act work, primarily on the East Coast.  Talk a little bit about going out on tour.

DS:  We were just told that we’re hitting the road in June.  Unfortunately, I can’t say who we’re going to be with yet.  But it is a pretty powerful name.  They’re pretty big.  But once we get the OK to say, you'll be the first to know.  But yeah, we were out on little tours before.  We were out with the singer from Hinder (Austin John Winkler).  That was for a week or two and that was alright.  But this next one coming up in June is going to be almost two months long.  We definitely need to prepare for it, get in shape and everything. 

DB:  The short tour you did with Austin John Winkler, were you direct support for him?

DS:  We were the supporting act for him.  It was mostly local to us, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  And it was just for a couple of weeks.  But it was cool to meet him and talk with him.

DB:  Absolutely.  Anytime that a band can get on the road is a great thing.  It sounds like this next tour coming up in June sounds like you’re really going to have an opportunity to get on a bunch of stage across the country and introduce yourself to some new fans.

DS:  Definitely, we’re excited for that!

I want to thank Dakota for sharing some time with DaBelly.  As he said, they are going to be on the road this summer and that will be your chance to see them live.  But until then, check out their new EP, “A Different Life.”

No. Title Length
1. "Intro" 0:45
2. "Rage" 2:33
3. "Psycho" 4:01
4. "Empty" 3:20
5. "Empty Outro" 1:05
6. "All of Me" 3:50
7. "Broken" 3:05

Released: 25 February 2019
Another Day Dawns
Another Day Dawns - A Different Life 

Another Day Dawns

Nick McGeehan (drums)
Tyler Ritter (guitar)
Livi Dillon (bass)
Dakota Sean (vocals)

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