Defying Decay – Metamorphosis
By Dave Schwartz

Defying Decay is a diverse band with members scattered across the globe.  Blessed with a new record, "Metamorphosis" (June 28, 2019) via Legend Recordings, the band has signed on their first tour of America – Summer Rapture, featuring Betraying The Martyrs, Entheos, Within Destruction and Sentinels.  This is a great tour package for Defying Decay and an opportunity for them to place their music in front of western audiences. 

"Metamorphosis" was written over several years and recorded in pieces.  And although the band recorded the album in parts and in different locations, the album sounds cohesive and strong. 

Ten days into the tour tragedy struck.  Betraying The Martyrs has dropped off the tour due to a tragic fire and loss of equipment.  Defying Decay released a brief statement – “Despite the unfortunate incident with our friends at Betraying the Martyrs, we are still continuing on with Within Destruction and Sentinels.”

The tour continues on!  I spoke to vocalist Poom Euarchukiati – AKA “Jay” at Club Red in Mesa, AZ.  We discussed the about the new record and how Metamorphosis came together. 

No. Title Length
1. "The Repentance" 0:17
2. "Existence of Extinction" 3:51
3. "Dominion" 4:40
4. "Dying Program" 7:09
5. "Judas Kiss" 4:05
6. "Crimson Butterfly" 3:53
7. "Ghost" 3:56
8. "Yellow Fever" 4:09
9. "Let It Rain" 5:14
10. "Headrush" 3:52
11. "Further..." 5:41
12. "Swan Song" 5:34

June 28th, 2019
CB Entertainment / LEGEND Recordings

Defying Decay - Metamorphosis 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Defying Decay:

Poom “Jay” Euarchukiati - Guitars / Vocals
Howard Fang - Guitars
Kongpop “Jump” Thongrat - Guitar / Piano
Theon Adam - Bass
Mark Mironov - Drums

Filmed On Location:

Club Red - Mesa, AZ..

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