Deepfall – Their World is Broken
by Dave Schwartz


Situated in Greenville, Michigan, Deepfall is a young band that has taken their first baby steps onto the national stage.  Recording their new album, “Broken,” was the first step.  That along with their first single – “Wasted” – has opened some doors for the band.  Enough to land them in the highly coveted opening slot on the recent Hellyeah/Nonpoint tour.   

The group’s current lineup, Rich Hopkins (vocals), Max Carrillo (Guitar), Anthony Battista (Guitar) Taylor Brandt (Bass), Nick Gray (Drums), Tim King (Keyboard) will be back on the road with Alter Bridge in 2020.  A couple weeks back, Rich Hopkins called in from the road to tell us about Deepfall and their new record. 

DB:  Congrats on your new album, “Broken.”  I’m interested in hearing about the record.

RH:  Broken came out the 18th of October.  It’s been a work in progress for more than a year.  All in all, it a collection of songs and ideas that Tim and I and everyone else in the band has had over the last 8 or 9 years.  We just finally decided to put something together, push an album out and wee what we can do with it.

DB:  This is an exciting opportunity.  Did you have expectation when you put the record out?  Were you surprised with the response?

RH:  You know, I’ve put out a couple of albums in the past.  Tim has released a record in the past with his other bands.  We’re really happy with the way it came out.  We’re really happy with Matt Dougherty who took some time and helped us produce a couple of the songs and did the recordings and mixes.  And then we sent it out to Sterling to get mastered and we felt then did a real good job.

DB:  That’s excellent.  Your first single from the record is “Wasted.”  Tell me a little about why you choose the song as the single.

RH:  That was one of the songs we worked on in the studio.  Matt felt that it had the potential to be a really good single if we worked it out.  That song went from a 7:18 song to a 4:30 single.  He worked with us a little on the song’s chorus and construction.  Matt sat in the room and tried to generalize it a little more than it was before.

DB:  That’s remarkable that you were able to cut that much from the song itself.  That’s an amazing edit.

RH:  Yeah, I mean it used to have a keyboard solo and a couple drop-downs.  He explained to us that it was just too much of a rollercoaster.  We needed to just get it going in the right direction.  With him helping us out a lot, we kind of did that with the other songs on the record as well.

DB:  Very cool.  I’m impressed with how the song came together.  I really like it.

RH:  Thanks.

DB:  You’re currently out on the bands very first extended tour.  You’re out with Hellyeah and Nonpoint.  How has the tour gone for you?

RH:  We started the tour back in November in Greenville, SC.  The guys in Hellyeah and Nonpoint have been nothing but welcoming with us.  They are great guys and it’s a pleasure to be on the tour with them.  All in all, the tour has been great.  The people that we’re playing in front of that follow Nonpoint and Hellyeah have been welcoming.  We’re gaining a lot of new fans being on the road with these guys so it’s been a really incredible experience.

DB:  That’s a great lineup for a tour.  Between your band, Nonpoint and Hellyeah, that will fill a room pretty quickly.

RH:  We’ve been blessed to play some pretty big venues on this tour and it’s always nice to play in front of a full house.

DB:  You played a lot of regional gigs before releasing this record and hitting the road nationally.  Talk a little about the challenges of transitioning to being a national act.

RH:  We played a lot in Grand Rapids which is where we’re from.  We got a pretty good following going there.  Then we started branching out – up north, over to Illinois and Indiana.  We built our fan base there by just keep coming back.  Finally, we decided that this was something we needed to pull the trigger on.  But we knew that once we started, we couldn’t stop.  So, we decided to branch out and try touring a little.  Playing around home is always really fun but we knew we also had to move out to the other side of the country – like we are tonight.

DB:  Understood.  I read that with this step you added a couple new guys to the band.  Was that a case of just fleshing out the songs live?

RH:  When we first decided to tour, a couple of our original members couldn’t make it.  They couldn’t quit their jobs – they were pretty set with what they were doing.  So, we needed to find another guitarist and a drummer to go on the road with us.  While doing auditions we ran into two different guitar players that we auditioned on the same day.  We just had this instant click with both of them.  So, Tim and I discussed it and decided to add both guitar players.  Then I could drop the guitar and concentrate on just being the front man.  We figured that we would give it a shot on this first tour and it’s been great.  We are completely blessed to have these three musicians with us right now.

DB:  I read that next year you are touring with Alter Bridge and Clint Lowery (Sevendust). 

RH:  Oh my gosh, when we first started looking for national tours to sign on, we let our agent know that we would love to tour with Breaking Benjamin and Alter Bridge.  I’ve always been a big fan of Miles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti.  They are both such incredible musicians.  It’s going to be a dream come true to be in the opening slot for those guys this coming February.


I want to thank Rich Hopkins for calling in to DaBelly on a rare day off.  Make sure to check out Deepfall on the Socials and watch for them on a tour near you! 

No. Title Length
1. "Wasted" 3:46
2. "I'm Sick" 4:24
3. "Ghost" 3:30
4. "Cancer" 4:10
5. "Monster" 3:48
6. "M.F.K.S. (Voice of the Broken)" 4:53
7. "Out of Line" 3:37

  • Released:  October 18th, 2019
    Pavement Entertainment
Deepfall - Broken 

Deepfall is:

Rich Hopkins (vocals)
Max Carrillo (Guitar)
Anthony Battista (Guitar)
Taylor Brandt (Bass)
Nick Gray (Drums)
Tim King (Keyboard)

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