Kiss Kiss Bang - Hungry, High & Seeing Things
|By Dave Schwartz

KISS KISS BANG has released the official music video for the lead single off of their upcoming, sophomore EP, Hungry, High, & Seeing Things.  The single, “High Price (for Peace of Mind)” is classic rock n’ roll from the heartland - Bowling Green, KY.  With the world shut down and nothing to do but wait, artist do what artist do...create. Over the course of the pandemic, KISS KISS BANG came together and recorded four new tracks that demand to be listened to - turned all the way up. 

I caught up with Trevor Smith, Clayton Crowder and Andrew Hopper via a ZOOM call.  Check out the interview...

No. Title Length
1. Solid Gold 5:06
2. High Price (for Peace of Mind) 4:56
3. Easy 2 Love 4:22
4. Slow Motion 4:06

  • Release:  March 26th, 2021
Kiss Kiss Bang - Hungry, Hight and Seeing Things 

Kiss Kiss Bang

Trevor Smith - Vocals/Guitars/Synth/Percussion

Clayton Crowder - Guitars/Slide Guitars/Vocals/Percussion

Andrew Hopper - Bass/Vocals/Percussion

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