Mason Hill is Up Against the Wall
|By Dave Schwartz

With the release of “Against The Wall," Glasgow, UK based rock band, Mason Hill, is shaking up the charts.  Released on March 5th, “Against The Wall” entered the UK national album chart at number 19, taking a coveted top 20 album position, and reached over 750,000 streams on Spotify. The long-awaited album, which received critical acclaim from both media and fans alike, also hit number 1 in the UK rock album chart.

Mason Hill’s third single, "D.N.A.,"  is also dominating German and French charts, sitting comfortably on Rock Antenne FM's' top 20 and hitting top 10 in the Heavy 1 French radio chart.  It is an incredible achievement for new British rock band, starting from an almost zero sales base and during a pandemic when there has been no traditional retail, no live shows or touring opportunities. 

I spoke with guitarist James Bird to learn more.  Check out the video!

No. Title Length
1. Reborn 1:51
2. No Regret 3:50
3. Against The Wall 4:21
4. Broken Son 4:25
5. D.N.A. 4:13
6. Who We Are 4:11
7. Find My Way 4:04
8. Hold On 3:56
9. Out of Reach 4:51
10. We Pray 4:07
11. Where I belong 5:32
12. Reborn (reprise) 1:25
7Hz Productions
  • Release:  March 5th, 2021
Mason Hill - Against The Wall 

Mason Hill

Scott Taylor (Lead Vocals)
James Bird (Lead Guitar)
Marc Montgomery (Guitar)
Matthew Ward (Bass)
Craig McFetridge (Drums)


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