Burning Witches The Witch of the North
|By Dave Schwartz

Burning Witches are back with their latest offering - The Witch of the North.  The heavy metal coven has expanded their sound by exploring the story telling aspects of old school metal as only the witches can.  Make no mistake, this record sounds great!  Continuing the tradition of celebrating classic metal songs such as Battle Hymn and Holy Diver, Burning Witches pays tribute to Savatage through their cover of  the classic, Hall of the Mountain King. 

 I sopke with vocalist Laura Guldemond about The Witch of the North and so much more.  Check out the interview! 

No. Title Length
1. Winter's Wrath 1:41
2. The Witch of the North 5:29
3. Tainted Ritual 4:38
4. We Stand As One 5:19
5. Flight of the Valkyries 5:48
6. The Circle of Five 5:19
7. Lady of the Woods 5:48
8. Thrall 5:03
9. Omen 0:48
10. Nine Worlds 4:50
11. For Eternity 5:55
12. Dragon's Dream 4:15
13. Eternal Frost 1:20
14. Hall of the Mountain King (Savatage Cover) 5:46

Nuclear Blast
  • Release:  May 28th, 2021
Burning Witches - The Witch of the North 

Burning Witches

Jeanine Grob (bass)

Lala Frischknecht (drums)

Romana Kalkuhl (guitars)

Laura Guldemond (vocals)

Larissa Ernst (guitars)

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