Interloper - Out With Their Search Party
|By Dave Schwartz

Progressive heavy metal band, ​INTERLOPER, has released their debut, full-length album "Search Party” via Nuclear Blast Records.  The album is a solid mix of Death Metal and Progressive Metal.  There's a lot to listen too on this record.  The songs are well crafted and the performance is tight - even for a studio record.  I sat down with vocalist / guitarist Andrew Virrueta and talked about everything from the writing process to performance.  Watch for Interloper on the road in '22.  But for now, check out our interview with Andrew! 

No. Title Length
1. Pathkeeper 5:21
2. Bound to Fail 4:10
3. Moonlight 4:30
4. Dreamlands 4:36
5. Drift 3:55
6. Search Party 4:56
7. The Wishing Well 5:10
8. Idle Years 4:44
9. Cheshire 6:31
10. Baring Teeth 4:16
11. Rio (Duran Duran Cover) 6:03

Nuclear Blast
  • Release:  June 11th, 2021
Interloper - Search Party 


Andrew Virrueta (vocals/guitars)

Miles Dimitri Baker (guitars)

Aaron Stechauner (drums)

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