Black Stone Cherry - More of a Human Condition
|By Dave Schwartz

When Black Stone Cherry entered the studio to record “The Human Condition,” they knew in their hearts that they were about to unleash their best music to date.  They had the songs; production was darker, in your face and their calendar was filled with upcoming tour dates.  Then a strange thing happened.  Something was going on in the world.  And tour dates started falling off the calendar.  And when “The Human Condition” was finally released in October 2020, like many records around that time, the album just quietly slipped past many people.  Unfortunate. 

The good news is that Black Stone Cherry is persistent.  The band has just re-released “The Human Condition” with 6 bonus tracks.  I spoke with guitarist Ben Wells to get the low down.  Check Out the interview!

No. Title Length
1. Ringin In My Head 4:12
2. Again 3:55
3. Push Down & Turn 4:16
4. When Angels Learn To Fly 4:33
5. Live This Way 3:20
6. In Love With The Pain 2:58
7. The Chain 3:27
8. Ride 3:17
9. If My Heart Had Wings 3:15
10. Don't Bring Me Down 3:59
11. Some Stories 3:37
12. The Devil In Your Eyes 3:31
13. Keep On Keepin' On 3:15
14. Give Me One Reason  
15. Again (Live)  
16. Ringin' In My Head (Live)
17. Ride (Live)  
18. In Love With The Pain (Live)  
19. Give Me One Reason (The Plug)  

Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group
  • Release: October 30th, 2020
Black Stone Cherry 

Black Stone Cherry Lineup

Chris Robertson (vocals/guitars)

Ben Wells Baker (guitars/vocals)

Fred John Young (drums,/piano/vocals)

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